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The Story Gets Out - Micro-Memoir Workshop

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May 8th - June 5th, 7:00-9:00 pm
Tuesday evenings for five weeks
Location: Friends Meeting House, 351 Dubois Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
Cost: $195

The counterpart to flash fiction, these are very brief true pieces of roughly 350 words. (You can write a whole memoir this way.) The writing itself is powerfully transformative. Discover thoughts and feelings you didn’t even know you had! In addition, the pieces are often deeply moving, fun to share and publishable in literary reviews and magazines. We capture moments of conflict, change, or memories that have stayed with you, whether or not you know why, and polish them to their essence for maximum emotional impact. We will study the craft in inspiring examples, use a variety of creative prompts, write in class and share work.

Example Micro-Memoir:

Yes by Bryan Doyle

I was on a gleaming elevator in a vast hotel in a huge city the other day when a man got on with his daughter about age four. I asked her what floor they wanted and she said seven million. I reached up as high as I could and pressed an imaginary button and she laughed and some little door opened in all three of us, a wordless yes, and we started to talk about the elevator’s voice, which sounded like a lady from Ireland or Scotland, and how the buttons were twice as big as any giant’s fingers, and how older gents like me remembered buildings without thirteenth floors, isn’t that funny, that an ancient superstition would still be reflected in modern buildings? By now the girl was dancing and her dad and I were grinning at her ebullience but then the lady spoke their floor and the door opened. The girl leapt away, but the dad hesitated a second and said quietly hey thanks, and I knew just what he meant---something like thanks for being four years old for a minute. We have those moments when we are all the same age, from the same country, with the same language on our teeth, and it never lasts too long, but it always feels weirdly familiar, doesn’t it? Like we are home again for a moment, with family we hardly get to see.

Example Writing Prompts
What brings you to your knees? Write a story titled, “I Never Told You This.” Write about waiting for something. Write about being late, the one that got away, the first time you told a lie, knew a secret, woke up laughing. Sisters, Swimming. Dating. Winning. A miracle, a miracle. See

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